Did you Watch Under the Dome, Episode 3, Manhunt? (S1E3)

Did you Watch Under the Dome, Episode 3, Manhunt? (S1E3)

July 11, 2013 1:49 am 1 comment

Under the Dome, Episode 3, Manhunt Review / Recap

under the dome episode 3 review Big Jim invites Barbie along for the Manhunt for Paul on Under the Dome Episode 3

 Under the Dome, Episode 3, Manhunt

This week on Under the Dome, Episode 3 Manhunt, we see Big Jim taking charge and taking control of Chester Mills. Paul is on the run after getting the upper hand on Linda and Junior is still an awful character.

We start off watching Linda taking Paul to jail for shooting their partner Frank. Paul pulls an award winning performance and pretends he’s choking. Linda goes in and ends up being fought off by Paul and she finds herself locked inside while Paul is on the run.

One of the things I noticed is the “propane” seems to actually be truckloads of drugs. I’m not sure what exactly yet, but we’ll find out what Big Jim is involved in.

watch under the dome episode 3Julia discovers Junior acting a little strange…stranger than usual, that is, and decides to follow him to see where he ends up. She finds herself in the old water tunnels underneath the town. Junior, taking Angies advice, went down to discover if the dome was blocking off the tunnels. Big surprise, the dome cut right through. At this time Junior discovers Julia had followed him and they eventually make their way out and Julia offers Junior a ride. Wait a sec, how did Julia follow Junior if he was walking and she was driving? TV…

Big Jim gathers some towns people, including Barbie, to go on a hunt for Paul. At this time Big Jim is noticing Barbies knuckles are bruised and torn open with cuts. Junior had told his father Barbie attacked him, which we saw in Episode 2 the Fire.

Arriving in the woods, the search team finds an abandoned car which they believe belongs to Paul. Big Jim starts leading the crew across the trail before Barbie stops them and shows off his training by spotting the real trail. Soon after, the search turns sour with multiple gunshots. Paul takes down one man.

Norrie overhears Joe and Ben talking about a generator invites herself over to little Joe McAllisters house to charge her phone. While they arrive, Ben seemed to have invited the whole school over to party. The typical scumbag meat-head teenager starts some shit and Norrie and Joe handle the situation. After the little scuffle the party breaks up and Joe and Norrie touch hands and both drop to the ground in a seizure chanting about stars again!

In the end Linda saves Big Jim from Paul, who had turned a gun on him. Linda had snuck up from behind and took her best shot and took Paul down.

Overall I wasn’t impressed with episode 3 of Under the dome, Manhunt. I’ll tune in next week and hope for the best. Hopefully there is some progression with Junior / Angie. Maybe Big Jim will decide to check on his bunker? Please don’t disappoint us, Under the Dome!


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