Under the Dome Episode 2 The Fire Review

Under the Dome Episode 2 The Fire Review

July 2, 2013 11:26 pm 1 comment

Under the Dome remains this summers hottest TV thriller with Episode 2 – the Fire.

under the dome review Big Jim levels Dukes house after a house fire broke out on Under the Dome Episode 2, the Fire.


Under the Dome returned Monday night with it’s second episode, the Fire. Under the Dome made one thing perfectly clear to me – Duke was the one in charge and no one had a back up plan. Throughout the episode when someone found out Duke’s pacemaker had exploded, killing him, they asked who was going to be in charge.

Under the Dome, the Fire, begins showing Barbie fighting with the missing Mr. Shumway over a financial dispute. Mr. Shumway soon gets an upper hand while Barbie is leaving by pulling a gun out on Barbie – but not for long until Barbie shows his strength and takes control with a gun of his own. The scene seemed focused on a falling military-style dog tag. Mr. Shumway takes a bullet to the head and the scene moves on to show Barbie waking up from a dream with Mrs. Shumway coming in to check on him after hearing yelling. Barbie realizes his dog tag is missing and knows he may be in trouble until he locates it.

Under the dome picks up from the end of last week showing Duke laying on the ground with Linda hovering over him crying. At this moment we hear one of the cops exclaim, who’s in charge now. Linda soon finds Big Jim to let him know Duke has passed away.

Mrs. Shumway, desperately trying to get the military’s attention, who are located outside the dome, begins yelling to them and throwing a tennis ball at the dome. She soon notices they’re talking on phones and gets the idea to go see if she can find any information out from the only operational radio station in town.

Getting caught up on Angie and Junior we find Angie still trapped in Big Jims fallout shelter being chained up by Junior. This is by far the most annoying part of the story for me. Junior is obviously completely psycho and irrational about their relationship. He starts accusing Angie of having a scrambled brain and claims he can make her better. Junior then accuses Angie of flirting with Barbie, due to a small interaction between Angie and Barbie outside the hospital. Angie later sees how angry it makes Junior and lies to anger Junior by saying Barbie screwed her brains out and she loves it and tells Junior, you’ll never be the man he (Barbie) is.

There is quite a bit of a secret going around town between a few people. Big Jim, Reverend Coggins, and Duke (RIP) are at least three of the people involved in some type of mystery regarding propane.

Let’s step back and talk about the introduction to Reverend Coggins. What a guy! We meet the reverend when he stumbles into the morgue saying, what are we going to do with another body, while getting cut off by Big Jim saying it’s Duke under the sheet. After Linda leaves, Big Jim gets rough with reverend Coggins questioning him about using “the supply and being high as a kite”. We’ll have to assume the supply is part of the sercret. Big Jim tells the reverend to come along and help clean up the mess.

Walking into the station, Linda sees someone behind a textured glass while rooting through the filing cabins. It’s Big Jim and he hands Linda Dukes will. Duke had left Linda his house. Duke and Linda are that of a father-daughter team. Big Jim later orders Reverend Coggins to go to Dukes, now Linda’s, house to find some evidence.

under the dome the fire review Reverend Coggins burns a secret file causing a house fire on Under the Dome – CBS Monday’s.The real excitement comes when reverend Coggins gets to Dukes house to find information Big Jim doesn’t want anyone to see. The reverend proves how high he is by being completely irresponsible and throwing papers everywhere in a home office and setting the secret information on fire and throwing it in a garbage can inside the house. But wait, it gets better! The Reverend then kicks the can into a wall with a curtain hanging down and sets the house on fire while trying to put it out by swinging other pieces of fabric at it and trapping himself inside.

Big Jim later stops a man from bulldozing his way through the dome by telling him if he comes into contact with the dome he’ll die just like Duke. The machine operator is another one who is wondering who is now in charge since Duke is dead.

Back at the radio station Mrs. Shumway soon discovers the military is referring to the dome as… A Dome! She then takes over the radio waves and announces to the town that the military is referring to the Dome as just that.

The townspeople come together and try to put the fire out at Dukes house by gathering buckets, forming a line and dumping water on the house. Not before long Big Jim comes back with the bulldozer from earlier and tears the house down and putting the fire out. What a hero!

under the dome episode 2 Big Jim runs towards Dukes house to investigate a fire.One of the strong points in this episode was Joe, the young kid who Barbie saved during episode 1, finds out the dome is like a strainer as a small amount of water is able to come in. We can believe the dome filling with smoke will eventually be able to air out the same way water was able to get in.

We end with one question. Who is in charge at Chester Mills? No one seems to know. Under the Dome continues with Episode 3 on Monday, July 8th, 2013.


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